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We are leading manufacturer of Amorphous core which widely used in PV Inverter reator,transformer,permeable inductor core,PFC inductor core,Mid-frequency transformer,core…etc. Amorphous core has advantage in high permeability,low core loss,small permeability degradation and easy for coil assembling.
Amorphous C-type iron core solar photovoltaic inverter, medium and high frequency switching power supply transformer, main transformer in uninterruptible power supply and other product fields

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+ High saturation magnetic induction - reduce core volume;
+ Rectangular structure---convenient for coil assembly;
+ Core opening - excellent resistance to DC bias saturation;
+ Low loss - reduce temperature rise (1/5 - 1/10 of silicon steel);
+ Good stability - can work at -55-130 ℃ for a long time.

Application field

·Inverter reactor, transformer core
·Wide constant permeability inductor core, PFC inductor core
·Intermediate frequency transformer core/distribution transformer core
·Amorphous electromagnetic shielding foil for digital electronics

Fe-based amorphous alloys have excellent magnetic properties, however do not reach the low losses or high permeabilities of nanocrystalline alloys due to the relatively high magnetostriction. The advantages are a higher saturation flux density and lower costs.
The amorphous structure Fe based cores are ideal for applications where low losses are required.The properties of the material in his amorphous state tends to minimise the losses in the frecuancy range between 50 Hz and 10 kHz. Those cores saturate at 1,5T and are mainly used for reactors, filters and power applications.

Amorphous Core show following benefits

Permeability & Property: Amorphous Photovoltaic Reactor is 3 times better than Silicon Steel Photovoltaic Reactor .

No-Load Loss: Amorphous Photovoltaic Reactor is 1/3 less than Silicon Steel Photovoltaic Reactor .

Higher Precision, Smaller Volume and Weight: Amorphous Photovoltaic Reactor is 1.16 times less than Silicon Steel Photovoltaic Reactor(Weight).

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