Where is amorphous alloy iron core used?

1. Amorphous iron cores are widely used in industries such as solar energy, wind energy and power electronics, communications and home appliances. Especially the application of amorphous C-type iron core in solar inverters in recent years.


·High saturation magnetic induction intensity—reduce the volume of the magnetic core

Rectangular construction – easy coil assembly

Core opening – excellent resistance to DC bias saturation

Low loss – reduce temperature rise (1/5-1/10 of silicon steel)

·Good stability – can work at -55~130°C for a long time

High saturation magnetic induction intensity-reduce core volume;

Rectangular structure—convenient for coil assembly;

Core opening – excellent resistance to DC bias saturation;

Low loss – reduce temperature rise (1/5 – 1/10 of silicon steel);

Good stability – can work at -55-130 ℃ for a long time.

Application areas

Wind Photovoltaic Solar Inverter

Output Filter Reactor in High Frequency High Power Switching Power Supply

Medium and high frequency switching power supply transformer

Main transformer in some uninterruptible power supplies.

Shenzhen Pourleroi Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development, manufacture and sales of metal soft magnetic cores (iron-based amorphous, iron-based nanocrystalline, iron-nickel alloys, and other special soft magnetic alloys). An integrated technology company. Mainly used in high-frequency transformers for medical equipment (X-ray machine, ultrasound, monitoring, MRI imaging, etc.), inverters for new energy (solar energy, wind energy), and other high-frequency power supplies (electroplating power supply, induction heating power supply, welding power supply) Transformers, instrument transformers for precision measurement, filter inductors for anti-electromagnetic interference. The company has a group of professionals with rich application development experience and strong manufacturing capabilities, which can provide customers with professional technical support and services. Integrity, professionalism and service are our tenet, innovation, development and win-win are our pursuit.

Amorphous Transformer

Where is amorphous alloy iron core used?

2. Amorphous transformer is a new type of energy-saving transformer with iron core made of amorphous alloy strip as transformer iron core. Amorphous alloy iron core transformers have obvious energy saving and environmental protection actions. They are long-term products for the replacement of distribution networks, and should be actively promoted and applied.

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