Sendust Core Powder Inductor for AC Transformer

Sendust composition is typically 85% iron, 9% silicon and 6% aluminium. The powder is sintered into cores to manufacture inductors. Sendust cores have high magnetic permeability (up to 140 000), low loss, low coercivity (5 A/m) good temperature stability and saturation flux density up to 1 T

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What are the advantages of iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic ring in the application of inductors

Although ferrosilicon has a higher saturation flux density, ferrosilicon has more advantages, such as better soft saturation, low core loss, temperature stability and lower cost. When the inductor uses the iron-silicon-aluminum magnetic powder core, the disadvantageous factors brought by the use of the air-gap ferrite magnetic ring can be eliminated.

FeSiAl magnetic ring

1. The magnetic flux density of the ferrite is equal to or less than 0.5T, which is less than half of the iron-silicon-aluminum alloy. Therefore, under the same volume, the energy storage capacity of ferrite is also lower than that of iron-silicon-aluminum alloy.

2. In addition, the full magnetic flux density of ferrite is greatly reduced under high temperature conditions, while high temperature conditions have no obvious effect on FeSiAl.

3. Ferrite has the characteristics of fast filling. If it exceeds the safe current value, it may cause the overall collapse of the inductance function, while FeSiAl has the characteristics of soft filling and can withstand higher current values.

4. The marginal loss of air-gap diffusion in the air-gap ferrite inductor is very serious, while the iron-silicon-aluminum does not have this problem.

5. The iron-silicon-aluminum core is very suitable for energy storage filter inductors in switching power supplies. The 10,500 Gauss fullness FeSiAl core offers higher energy storage capabilities than air-gap ferrite or powdered iron cores of the same size and permeability.

6. Compared with iron powder core, FeSiAl performs better at high temperature. In some applications, FeSiAl is also smaller than the iron powder core.

7. It is very suitable to use iron-silicon-aluminum cores in filter inductors that need to pass through large AC voltages without generating full noise. The use of FeSiAl magnetic cores can reduce the size of the in-line filter because fewer turns are required than using ferrites. FeSiAl also has a near-zero magnetostriction coefficient, which means that it is very quiet in operation with noise or line currents in the audible frequency range.

8. The characteristics of high magnetic flux density and low core loss make the FeSiAl magnetic core very suitable for power factor correction circuits and unidirectional drives, such as flyback transformers and pulse transformers.

Sendust Core Powder Inductor for AC Transformer
Sendust Core Powder Inductor for AC Transformer

Application field

1. Uninterruptible power supply
2. Photovoltaic inverter
3. Server power
4. DC charging pile
5. New energy vehicles
6. Air conditioner

Performance Characteristics

· Has a uniformly distributed air gap
·High saturation magnetic flux density (1.2T)
·Low loss
· Low magnetostriction coefficient
· Stable temperature and frequency characteristics


Sendust core are formed by adding a certain amount of glass forming agent to the molten metal, and rapidly quenching and casting using a narrow ceramic nozzle under high temperature melting conditions. Amorphous alloys have the similar characteristics of glass structure, which not only make them have excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, but more importantly, the new technology of producing amorphous alloys using this rapid quenching method is less than the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet process. 6 to 8 processes can save energy consumption by 60% to 80%, which is an energy-saving, time-saving and efficient metallurgical method. Moreover, the amorphous alloy has low coercivity and high magnetic permeability, and its core loss is significantly lower than that of oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and its no-load loss can be reduced by about 75%. Therefore, the use of amorphous alloys instead of silicon steel sheets to manufacture transformer cores is one of the main means to save energy and reduce consumption in today's power grid equipment.

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