EV and Charging Stations

The saturated magnetic flux of a high flux magnetic particle core is 15000 Gauss, which has higher DC bias ability and lower core loss. It is the best performing magnetic material specifically used for servers and communication power units, as well as in car chargers that require efficient electric vehicles.

  • Efficient energy transfer

    Powder core products adopt efficient energy transfer technology, which can achieve rapid transmission and conversion of electrical energy. This is crucial for electric vehicle charging facilities, as users need to obtain sufficient electricity in a short period of time to continue driving.

  • High power density

    Powder core products have high power density and can provide a large amount of electrical energy output in a relatively small volume. This is very advantageous for charging facilities as they can reduce user waiting time and improve charging efficiency by providing high-power charging services.

  • High reliability and durability

    Powder core products usually use high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, which have high reliability and durability. This is crucial for charging facilities as they typically require long-term operation and face high loads and frequent usage.

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