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Industry Application

The versatility of amorphous cores makes them suitable for various fields such as transformers and inductors, sensors and detectors, power electronics, and high-frequency applications, achieving improved energy conversion efficiency, reduced energy loss, and providing stable signal processing and transmission capabilities.


  • What are the performance parameters of amorphous cores?

    1. Saturated magnetic induction intensity (Bsat):  Saturated magnetic induction intensity refers to the maximum value at which the magnetic induction intensity of a magnetic core material reaches saturation under the action of an external magnetic field. A higher saturation magnetic induction intensity means that the magnetic core material can store more magnetic energy and has a higher magnetic saturation ability.

    2. Coercivity (Hc):  Coercivity refers to the external magnetic field strength required to reduce the magnetic induction intensity of a magnetic core material to zero under the action of demagnetization. A higher coercivity means that the magnetic core material has a higher anti-magnetization ability and can maintain stable magnetic properties under the action of an external magnetic field.

    3. Hysteresis loss (Pv):  Hysteresis loss refers to the energy loss generated by magnetic core materials during magnetization and demagnetization processes. Lower hysteresis loss means that the magnetic core material has lower energy loss and can provide higher energy conversion efficiency.

  • What is the application of amorphous cores?

    1. Transformers and inductors:  Amorphous cores are widely used in transformers and inductors. Its high saturation induction intensity and low hysteresis loss give it advantages in efficient energy conversion and electrical energy transmission. The low hysteresis loss of amorphous magnetic cores can reduce energy loss and improve system efficiency.

    2. Power electronics applications:  Amorphous cores are also widely used in the field of power electronics, such as switch-mode power supplies, frequency converters, motor drivers, etc. Amorphous cores can provide efficient electrical energy conversion, while also having lower temperature rise and thermal dissipation, which helps to improve the stability and efficiency of the system.

    3. Sensors and detectors:  Due to their high magnetic permeability and low hysteresis characteristics, amorphous cores are widely used in sensors and detectors. For example, used in magnetic sensors, current sensors, magnetic memory, and magnetic stripe read/write heads.

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