DNH-High Flux Cores Series

High Flux Core is a high-performance magnetic material, usually composed of iron (Fe) and nickel (Ni), with a ratio of approximately 50% iron and 50% nickel. It has higher magnetic flux density and Lower losses. This material is known for its superior magnetic properties and is particularly suitable for high frequency and high power density applications.


  • Benefits of High Flux Cores

    High Magnetic Permeability: High Flux Cores possess high magnetic permeability, which allows them to transmit more magnetic flux under the same magnetic field strength. This makes them ideal for applications that require efficient energy transfer.

    Low Magnetic Losses: Compared to traditional silicon steel or ferrite materials, High Flux Cores exhibit lower magnetic losses at high frequencies. This reduces energy wastage and enhances overall system efficiency.

    High Saturation Flux Density: These materials have a higher saturation flux density, often 2-3 times that of ferrites. This means they can operate at higher magnetic flux densities without reaching saturation, supporting higher power density designs.

    Temperature Stability: High Flux Cores maintain stable magnetic properties over a wide temperature range, making them suitable for various industrial and commercial environments.

  • Applications of High Flux Cores

    Power Transformers: In switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), High Flux Cores improve transformer efficiency and power density, reducing size and weight.

    Inductors: Used in high-frequency circuits, High Flux Core materials effectively reduce inductor size and losses, enhancing overall circuit performance.

    Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuits: In PFC circuits, High Flux Core materials optimize the phase relationship between current and voltage, improving power factor and efficiency.

    Electric Vehicles (EV) and Renewable Energy: In power electronics for electric vehicles and renewable energy systems, High Flux Core materials enhance conversion efficiency and system reliability.

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