Rail Transit

Power Core can be applied to key components such as position detection systems, power transmission and conversion equipment, and electromagnetic compatibility filters in railway tracks to improve system performance, stability, and reliability.

  • High magnetic permeability

    Powder magnetic cores have high magnetic permeability, which can effectively conduct and concentrate magnetic fields. In railway tracks, they can be used for magnetic field sensors and magnetic components to help achieve precise position detection and magnetic field control.

  • High-temperature performance

    Powder magnetic cores are usually made of ceramic matrix materials, which have high thermal stability and high temperature resistance. This makes them suitable for high-temperature conditions in railway track environments, such as power transmission systems and electric trains.

  • Seismic performance

    The railway track environment has high requirements for seismic performance. Powder magnetic cores, due to their material properties, have good seismic performance and can maintain stable performance in vibration and vibration environments.

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