Household Appliance

Powder cores are widely used in motors and drivers to control current and magnetic fields, enabling the operation and driving of motors. They play an important role in household appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners.

  • Efficient energy conversion

    Household appliances typically require the use of power conversion equipment such as power converters, inverters, and transformers. Powder magnetic cores have the characteristics of high magnetic permeability and low loss, which can provide efficient energy conversion, reduce energy loss and heat generation, and improve the energy efficiency of household appliances.

  • Compact and lightweight

    In-home appliances, space, and weight are often valuable resources. Powder magnetic cores can be manufactured into compact and lightweight magnetic components due to their high magnetic permeability and high saturation magnetic induction strength. This makes them very suitable for the volume and weight requirements of household appliances, helping to achieve compact design and portability of the products.

  • Broadband characteristics

    Powder magnetic cores have a wide frequency response range and can adapt to different frequency working conditions in household appliances. This enables the powder magnetic core to be used for processing high-frequency signals and electromagnetic interference in household appliances, ensuring the stability and anti-interference ability of the product.

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