Material Nanocrystalline Core With Black Plastic Case

Nanocrystalline cores are made from metallic alloys developed with high technology, granting a particular set of characteristics for these materials.  It is obtained with the use of the melt-spinning technique. By the end of the production process, while the nanocrystalline cores obtain a refined structure of nanometric magnetic grains scattered in an amorphous metallic matrix.

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Nanocrystalline cores are used in more new applications than any other core material. The use of nanocrystalline cores for high-frequency applications have historically been associated with high material costs and narrow core widths. This has led many designers to sacrifice performance to appease budgetary concerns. However, this has changed due to the release of a new domestically produced nanocrystalline material called Finemet® FT-3W. This newly developed source of material has allowed us to offer DFARS compliant, large stacked, and even larger unstacked cores up to 5.6″.

As with all of our products, our nanocrystalline cores are a custom product, and available to meet specific design requirements. Our manufacturing processes utilize a specialized annealing system that is controlled based on design frequency. Cores’ profiles can be configured in C, E, Toroid, bars, and more as well as sizes such as standard AMCC, as single, unstacked, or custom sizes. They can also be manufactured with multiple cuts to reduce fringing losses if needed or configured for machining to fit custom applications. As a customer centric manufacturer, we offer a high degree of engineering support and are geared for flexible manufacturing volumes, from a single prototype or proof of concept, up to large scale mass production.

Nanocrytalline is amorphous ribbon (non-crytalline) obtained by rapid quenching at one million ℃/second from the molten metal consisting of Fe, Si, B and small amounts of Cu and Nb. These crystallized alloys have grains which are extremely uniform an small, about 10 nanometers in size, Amorphous metals which contain certain alloy elements show superior soft magnetic properties through crystallization. Therefore cores made in Nanocrystalline are much more superior than the other soft magnetic materials.


High permeability
Minimized current measuring error in CT
High saturation induction
Small size and light weight compared to Nickel alloy CT
Low cost
Good linearity
Protected with plastic case, stainless steel box, aluminum box


Current transformers with accuracy class 0.2, 0.2s, 0.10
Bushing current transformer for gas insulated or oil-immersed switchgears, Lv, Mv and Hv switchgear etc
Current sensors
Common mode chokes
Frequency converter
Current Transformers for low and high voltages, line filters

Advantages: Higher sensitivity to magnetic induction, up to 60% weight and volume reduction, better thermal and electrical efficiency.

Benefits: Higher precision and reliability in measurements, reduction of final product size, better energy efficiency, custom shapes and sizes.



Nanocrystalline alloys are formed by adding a certain amount of glass forming agent to the molten metal, and rapidly quenching and casting using a narrow ceramic nozzle under high temperature melting conditions. Amorphous alloys have the similar characteristics of glass structure, which not only make them have excellent mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, but more importantly, the new technology of producing amorphous alloys using this rapid quenching method is less than the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet process. 6 to 8 processes can save energy consumption by 60% to 80%, which is an energy-saving, time-saving and efficient metallurgical method. Moreover, the amorphous alloy has low coercivity and high magnetic permeability, and its core loss is significantly lower than that of oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, and its no-load loss can be reduced by about 75%. Therefore, the use of amorphous alloys instead of silicon steel sheets to manufacture transformer cores is one of the main means to save energy and reduce consumption in today’s powergrid equipment.123


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