Status of Amorphous Iron Core Transformers in China

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Amorphous alloy

The 2014-2018 Amorphous Alloy Transformer Industry Future Prospect Forecast Report shows that as early as 2008, I went to China’s secondary oil flake processing and distribution centers to collect first-hand information, and wrote an article “Neglected hidden dangers: Renewable silicon steel for power transformers. Sheet Iron” was published in the fifth issue of “Power Equipment” magazine in 2008, from “The importance of silicon steel sheet iron to power transformers”, “What is a renewable silicon steel sheet iron core? What are the safety of using a renewable silicon steel sheet iron core (oil sheet)?” Hidden dangers”, “Why is the renewable silicon steel sheet so hot”, “The main distribution areas of renewable silicon steel sheet processing and its sources, output, processing methods, and iron core flow”, “Can transformers made from recycled iron cores pass the identification and obtain the network access permit? There are loopholes in the identification system”, “strongly appealing to pay attention to the safety of rural power grids” and other aspects about the use of recycled silicon steel cores in rural power grids. These also attracted the attention of the competent authorities of the transformer industry at that time. Although the secondary utilization of recycled silicon steel is conducive to national emission reduction, the State Grid has used silicon steel cores for the transformer industry in order to prohibit enterprises from using secondary oil sheets to produce and process transformer cores. Carrying out unconventional regulations in the industry, it is forbidden to carry out stress relief annealing process for transformer cores. Although the use of secondary oil sheets can be found during random inspection, it has a great impact on the magnetic induction and iron loss of silicon steel transformer cores, because The silicon steel transformer core must be annealed by stress relief to restore the characteristics of silicon steel during longitudinal shearing and transverse shearing (silicon steel transverse shearing line hengjianxian). effect.

Amorphous alloy transformers have been coveting the traditional Chinese silicon steel transformer market, always wanting to take a piece of the pie. Foreign companies producing amorphous alloy strips have also done a lot of work. On the one hand, China has introduced amorphous strips and The production technology of amorphous alloy transformers, on the other hand, must actively participate in the application and promotion of China’s amorphous alloy transformer market. Technical articles, focusing on the energy-saving effect of amorphous alloy transformers, using various opportunities to contact authoritative technicians in the transformer industry, lobbying relevant departments of China’s State Grid, and actively promoting the application of amorphous alloy transformer products, not to mention the The introduction of China’s amorphous ribbon production enterprises is fueling the flames. The price increase of oriented silicon steel in the third and fourth quarters of 2014 gave an opportunity for amorphous alloy transformers. The price difference between silicon steel transformers and amorphous alloy transformers is close, so that the relevant departments have enough reasons to vigorously promote amorphous alloy transformers to enter the national grid. An overwhelming force of pressure silicon steel transformers quickly occupied the field of distribution transformers, while the traditional silicon steel transformer industry can only watch the lost market and sigh.

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